Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos island has it all

Mykonos, the island of the winds, is in fact the ideal destination for each and every one of you simply because it has it all! Where to start?! Well, the island’s scenic landscapes, golden stretches and cosmopolitan nightlife that seems to go on from dusk till dawn, the romantic spots, the numerous traditional taverns, the museums and whitewashed homes? Are you catching on? Mykonos is a place full of culture, romance and cosmopolitan flair-suiting the tastes of everyone!

For an adventure into past eras, for an exploration of ancient civilisations and cultural heritage all you need to do is visit some of the island’s ample museums such as the Archaeological Museum, the Folklore Museum and the Aegean Maritime Museum. All three are worth your while and will give you a fascinating glimpse of the island’s turbulent past. You will be amazed!

As you are wandering around the cobble-stoned alleys of the island, exploring the area, you are bound to bump into Mykonos most famed persona, Petros the Pelican! Petros is a Mykonian who attracts the crowds due to its innate charm and charisma! He loves to be pet and fed so don’t be scared if he approaches you! you will surely be put under his spell like so many others before you!

Romantic Mykonos-Little Venice

Ah Little Venice! There are no words to describe this picturesque neighbourhood! The most romantic spot in Mykonos is known as Little Venice, which is made up of quaint two-storey buildings with multicoloured balconies literally hanging over the deep blue. This is the place to be when seeking to relax, enjoy the glorious views of the Aegean, while sipping on tasty cocktails!

Chora, the island’s capital, is a labyrinth of stone paved alleyways waiting to be explored! on each corner you will discover a new treasure, either a traditional shop, a charming little cafe, museum of gallery. Walk through the whitewashed homes with yards packed with blossoming flowers, meet the locals and soak in the town’s breathtaking beauty. There is no place like Chora, the epitome of the Cycladic architecture and splendour. For those interested in setting on a shopping spree then all the roads lead to Mantoyianni Street, the hub of shopping, where you will not resist in buying all you want!

Greek Cuisine is exceptional! While on the island you should sample as many of the local delicacies and dishes as possible! The first you are bound to try is Kopanisti, a soft local cheese seasoned with pepper! Delicious! The island is also famed for its spicy sausage seasoned with fresh herbs and spices, salt, oregano and pepper. Your taste buds will have a party!



The impressive Mykonos Theoxenia Hotel is the idyllic option to opt for when considering you accommodation on the island. The five-star boutique hotel offers its guests A-class services and facilities, ranking it as one of the most popular accommodation facilities in Mykonos. Some of the amenities offered at Mykonos Theoxenia Hotel include spacious and modern rooms, many in-house dining options, spa facilities, sports club, extensive gardens and marvellously designed pools. The hotel strives to cater to all its guests’ needs and wants, so as to guarantee they have a relaxing yet unforgettable experience when holidaying in Mykonos. Mykonos Theoxenia Hotel is the epitome of Mykonian hospitality. Enjoy your stay!

Photos by Apel.les , by josullivan.59

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