Rhodes, Greece

Mini-Guide of the Old Town of Rhodes, Island

The picturesque Medieval Town of Rhodes is the most ancient medieval town in the whole of Europe! The unique sentiment the town conveys simply by walking through its old two-hundred and so stoned alleyways is an indescribable feeling that will remain with you for years to come. The town, with all its quaint beauty, captivates the souls and puts a spell on each and every person that visits it! Are you ready to take an adventure through history?

Travellers may enter the Old Town through a plethora of gates. The most practical is entering through the Liberty Gate, which will lead you directly to Simi Square where you will come across the ancient ruins of the Temple of Venus. The temple is said to originate from the 3rd century BC, and is one of the most famed and visited landmarks in the city.

Within the Simi Square you will find the impressive Municipal Art Gallery of Rhodes, which attracts thousands of visitors annually which exhibits a vast collection of antiques, engravings and rare maps.

Next to the Municipal Art Gallery you will stumble upon the Museum Of Decorative Art, which is an equally fascinating museum that should not be missed. The museum’s collection includes beautifully made art pieces and crafts made from locals and other islanders.

The Knights’ Street, known in Greek as Ipoton Street, was the place where the Knights lived in ancient times. This street is the most preserved today. It is approximately 600 metres long. When walking along the Knights’ Street you will be led to the marvellous quaint Acropolis of the island which is totally worth your visit. The grand-like buildings that close upon you from both sides of the road, made entirely from stone, create a majestic flare. Today, the homes and inns of the knights have been transformed into the island’s government homes and museums.

The palace of the Grand Master is a rather imposing and impressive building all rolled in one! The palace unveils a history of its own as it served for many purposes in the hands of the various invaders that ruled on the island. During the Knights epoch, the palace was the home of the Grand Master of the Knights. During the Turkish rule in 1522, the palace was turned into prison cells, which was then ruined by an accidental yet destructive explosion. Later on, the Turks rebuilt the palace and transformed it into a military hospital, made from the same stones it was initially constructed from. Finally, during the 30s, the Italians rebuilt the castle using its initial design.

Take the opportunity presented in front of you and lose track of anything that ties you on earth, lose yourself in the midst of the quaint alleyways and discover another world, a historic world, where past civilisations once walked and lived in and breathe in the culture and pride.

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