Limassol , Cyprus

Limassol – A Unique Destination

Longing to feel relaxed and explore an exotic faraway location? Seeking to lose yourself in a remote golden bay and get peace of mind? Limassol is the spot you are looking for! The cultural city of Limassol lies on the southern coast of Cyprus and has become a traveller’s dream destination. The city boasts with historic landmarks and consists of rich cultural heritage developed over the centuries. Limassol is also one of the most tourist-friendly hubs in the entire world! Its locals are amiable and welcoming, the sun shines all year round and the stunning shoreline and sea shine! What’s more, there are a plethora of activities and entertainment that suit every kind of person, no matter age or taste. Whether you are a nature lover, history buff, beach bum or culture-orientated individual, Limassol is for you!

Kolossi Castle is a 13th century fort that has seen plenty of conquerors come and go. Initially the castle served as the Grand Commandery of the Knights Templar and then as the hub of the Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem. The elite edifice carries endless ancient stories waiting to be unveiled! It still stands proud in Limassol, as if protecting the area of invaders and looking after its people.

Located in Episkopi Village is an ancient city kingdom known as Curium. This is an archaeological site featuring an ancient civilisation housing outstanding remains and ruins such as an amphitheatre, basilicas decorated with impressive mosaics, temples and sanctuaries. The Curium Museum is also well-worth a visit as it exhibits artefacts originating from the Greco-Roman period!

Troodos Mountain Range

Limassol offers all you sports and nature lovers the ideal opportunity to get acquainted with the islands nature beauty by taking a hike or bike tour of the Troodos Mountains while enjoying the breathtaking views, scenic landscapes and plethora of traditional villages you will stumble upon on your way. Each quaint village is unique in its own way, upholding the traditional architecture that defines the island but also deep rooted traditions. If you are a wine lover, then do not miss on the chance to set off on a wine tour through the vineyards of the mountainous region! Stop by the wineries and sample the finest and most delicious Cypriot wine produce, walk through the picturesque cobble stoned alleyways of villages and fall in love with the scenic landscape surrounding you!

The Royal Apollonia luxury Hotel in Limassol

If you truly want to experience the Limassol hospitality, you need to stay at the Royal Apollonia Hotel! The hotel is proud of being the epitome of hospitality! The Royal Apollonia Hotel is a five-star accommodation facility ideally positioned in the hub of Limassol’s stunning coastline. it is a refuge for all of you, an ideal home away from home. At the hotel guests enjoy all the top-notch facilities and services available, such as the Royal Spa and modern Sports Centre. All the in-house restaurants and bars offer A-class services and delicious cuisine for you to indulge in. the Royal Apollonia Hotel’s rooms are all fabulously furnished to provide the best comfort available! Travelling with children? The hotel includes a Kids’ Club featuring unique entertainment and loads of fun for the little ones! The Royal Apollonia Hotel ensures you receive the best of Limassol, thus leaving you with the sweetest memories of your holidays for years to come.

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