Zakynthos, Greece

Flower of the East – Zakynthos, Greece

Baptised the ‘flower of the East’ by the Venetians, Zakynthos, the wonderful Ionian Greek island has been blessed with all year long sunshine, lush greenery and golden coastlines, marking it the hottest holiday destination for all! Zakynthos is perfect for a honeymoon, family holiday or a group of friends travelling together. The island’s indescribable beauty will undoubtedly exceed all your expectations!

Bouka Beach is a tiny picturesque sandy stretch with glistening blue waters. The main attraction of the beach, besides its refreshing waters, is that it is remote and private making it an ideal location for those who want to getaway the crowded beaches of the island. Bouka is actually a tiny resort with a small quaint fishing port. The area has succeeded in preserving the island’s traditions and simplistic way of life. Bouka Beach is the ideal place when seeking to relax and chill out in a paradise-like setting.

History Buffs – Argasi Bridge

For all those history lovers out there Argasi Bridge is a must-see! The amazing ruins of the bridge date back to the 1800s and it’s a unique site as half of it lies on the golden sand and the other half in the glistening blue sea. It is unreal to admire such a marvel of the past merely a few kilometres away from the busiest tourist area of the island. What can you say, this is Greece after all!

In close proximity to Mouzaki you will find the ruins of an English mansion which resisted the devastating earthquake in 1953. The mansion is known as the Sarakina House and it belonged to the noble Lunzi family. The house was built using a neo-classical architectural style, very common for Zakynthos especially before the earthquake.

Lying on the shoreline of Zakynthos is the island’s biggest and most significant church, Saint Dionysios Church. The impressive house of God was dedicated to the patron saint of the island, known as Saint Dionysios. The church was constructed in 1948 and survived the earthquake that hit the island in 1953. Its bell-tower is so high and can be viewed from anywhere on the island, something like a landmark!The interior of the church is decorated by ample frescoes which are truly awe-inspiring and totally worth your visit!

Where to Stay in Zakynthos

The all inclusive four-star hotel, Louis Zante Beach Hotel is by far the best opportunity to enjoy your holidays on the island. At the hotel you will have the chance to enjoy relaxing and blissful summer days in the midst of Laganas Bay, the most popular and crowded beach on the island. The hotel is surrounded by extensive gardens which add to its beauty. At the hotel you will be faced with a surplus of facility and activity options, you will not know which to choose first! The staff strives to cater to your every need, the variety of in-house restaurants is impressive and the rooms are fully equipped to provide you with utmost comfort!

Photos by Amplified-Photography

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