Mykonos, Greece

Ancient Mykonos, Greece

To most travellers, Mykonos is all glamour and beach life, which undeniably is part of the island’s appeal and the reason it has become one of the most visited holiday destination of our time. However, there is another side of Mykonos, a side where tradition dominates and culture thrives, a side where the island’s inspiring history unveils. This hidden side should not be missed and is equally important to take the time to visit some of the island’s historic sites and museums, so as to experience true Mykonos, where it was and how it has developed into the island we all love.

The Island of Delos

Delos is famed as the being the sacred island, the island where Greek gods were born and civilisations thrived in antiquity. Today, the island remains uninhabited but its past glory still lights as visitors wander around the important archaeological site. There are four major areas you will visit which are, the Theatre area, Apollo’s Sanctuary, the Lion Statues and the ancient Agora of the Competialists. In the middle of the Agora you will see a circular shrine placed on a squared-base, where offerings were placed in tribute to the gods.

The ancient ruins of a tomb were found while a hotel was being constructed in Mykonos. The tomb is presumed to have originated from the 2nd century BC and is now on display for the public to visit. all which remains of the tomb is a circle-shaped grave made out of huge stones. In order to maintain the monument it has been covered with metal sheets.

During the past, the locals of the island were mainly sailors. For this reason Mykonos has a rich maritime history filled with heroic stories out at sea. At the Aegean Maritime Museum you will see displayed a diversity of model ships representing the evolution and development of maritime life. Some of the most fascinating are representations of several rowing boats, sailing ships, steam powered-ships dating from antiquity till contemporary times.

A traditional sailing ship, named the Evangelistria, anchors at the island’s port and serves as an interesting attraction for both locals and tourists alike, who board the ship and explore it.

Where to Stay-Mykonos Theoxenia Boutique Hotel


Inspired by traditional Cycladic architecture, the Mykonos Theoxenia Boutique Hotel, offers its guest a unique combination of multi-cultured features. On the one hand, the hotel is actually a traditional Mykonian building that has been renovated, preserving its original structure, into a luxury facility inspired by modernity, art and glamour. The five-star Mykonos Theoxenia Boutique Hotel offers an extensive list of facilities and amenities to its guests, ranging from spa, sports centre, swimming pools and lots more. Located in the heart of Chora, Mykonos Town, the hotel offers the best of both worlds of the island. within the hotel, the staff is attentive catering to all its guests needs and wants, in a perfectly tranquil setting overlooking the famed Windmills, yet for those seeking to mingle amongst the crowds and cosmopolitan town can simply step out of the hotel and be amongst all the hustle and bustle.

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