Mykonos, Greece

20 Reasons Why Mykonos is Paradise

Paradise is not a faraway, expensive exotic island where you need to travel for endless hours to reach and save up for a year in advance. Paradise lies in Mykonos, a Greek Cycladic island floating in the Aegean Sea. Mykonos offers an intoxicating mix of history, culture and flavours as well as unmatchable beauty which rivals any other exotic island destination. Mykonos, the Island of the Winds, has long been a popular tourist destination attracting enthusiastic jetsetters all year round. Why Mykonos? Read on and find out!

1. Its Whitewashed Chora

Meet the island’s whitewashed capital, Chora! Resembling a white-labyrinth, made up of sun-drenched homes, blue-domed chapels and paved winding alleys, the picturesque town invites all its visitors to discover it. its charming port narrates stories of the island’s rich naval history, while Little Venice transport you to the 16th century and the proud windmills dominate in the background, enthralling you.

2. Romantic Little Venice

A piece of Venice in Mykonos! The colourful 16th century Venetian buildings literally linger over the infinite blue. The perfect spot for a drink!

3. Sun-drenched Windmills

Pictures of the sun-drenched Mykonian Windmills have travelled all around the world, right? Imagine taking a glimpse from up close! The sheer size of the 16th century white-drenched structures is enough to give you goose bumps!

4. Mythical Three Wells

Falling in love with Mykonos is unavoidable…falling for a Mykonian and living happily ever after is not impossible! All you need to do is take a sip of water from all three of the ancient wells on the island and let the magic take over!

5. The Public Library

An 18th century palace is home to the island’s Public Library, which showcases thousands of ancient and new volumes. The library also exhibits a fascinating collection of coins as well as transcripts and photographs.

6. The Mascot Pelican

Petros, the pelican and his little feathered friends, are bound to run into you and say hi! Yes, it’s true! This friendly lot are the island’s charmers, attracting the crowds with their charismatic nature!

7. Pictorial Panagia Paraportiani

There is something about the island’s chapels that captivate your soul, be it the whitewashed Cycladic structure, blue domes or pictorial location, Mykonos churches are a piece of art! The most photographed church on the island is Panagia Paraportiani, which in fact is a complex of five chapels, each built at different time periods. The best time to visit the church is during sunset!

8. Lena’s House

Lena’s House showcases a typical 19th century Mykonion household. Tourists walk into a time capsule and get to take a peek into the islanders past and way of life. Its incredible show civilisation has progressed through time!

9. Folklore Museum

Those interested in taking a walk through the ages must visit the island’s Folklore Museum. Take a glimpse at the islanders’ ancient furniture, clothing and musical instruments that are representative of the locals’ past lifestyle. The building alone, a 18th century mansion that once belonged to a sea captain, is enough to enthral you!

10. Discover the Ancient Ruins of Ftelia

The inspiring Neolithic settlement found in Ftelia is traced back to 5,100 BC and is believed to have been inhabited till 4,500 BC. Excavations have brought to light many historical treasures including the Tomb of Ajax of the Locrians, known as the Iliad war hero. As legend has it, the Greek Gods drowned Ajax for raping Cassandra in the Temple of Athena and his lifeless body was found on the island’s coastline.

11. The Sacred Island

The birthplace of Apollo and Artemis, have been blessed by the Greek Gods since its existence. The now uninhabited island attracts tourists from all corners of the world, lured in by its sacred powers, matchless beauty and ancient ruins. The most intoxicating are the Lion Sculptures that guard the island.

12. Bustling Bays…

Mykonos offers a diverse range of glorious bays and beaches to suit even the most discerning visitors. As most know Mykonos and partying go hand-in-hand, therefore it comes as no surprise that the Mykonians kick off the party from early, and what better place than the island’s stunning beaches!? Those looking for a bustling and lively party hub should head for Paradise Beach, where the sun shines, the waters are intoxicating, the cocktails keep on coming, great music fills the air and dancing bodies take over the bay.

13. Glamour Bays…

Mykonos is also a glam and chic destination, so again it goes without saying that the island offers beaches made for the glam crowd. Those seeking to see and be seen should head for Psarou Beach, to experience the cosmopolitan flair of the island. Enjoy a refreshing cocktail by the trendy bars or sunbathe on luxury sun beds overlooking shimmering waters while listening to great music in the background. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself sunbathing next to Hollywood stars! Another all-time-favourite bay is Nammos Beach, the perfect spot to experience the glamorous and prestige side of Mykonos.

14. Family Bays…

Whoever said Mykonos is restricted to singles? We have news for you! Mykonos is a great family destination offering plenty of things to do and places to visit! Those travelling with kids should head for Agios Ioannis Beach and enjoy a fun-packed beach day!

15. Nudist Beaches

Nudism is the new upcoming trend and Mykonos provides for all! Nudist enthusiasts will not be disappointed as the island offers numerous nudist-friendly spots to enjoy. One of the most preferred is Super Paradise.

16. Private Beaches

Mykonos is not all fun and play, so those looking to escape the crowds in search of some private time should head for Kapari Beach. Kapari is ideal for those looking to enjoy a day of peace and quiet within a natural setting overlooking the sacred island of Delos.

17. The Definition of Tranquillity – Ano Mera

A common mistake when travelling in Mykonos is neglecting to experience the real essence of the island. Mykonos in its purest form is found in Ano Mera, a sleepy and timeless village.
18. Foodies Corner

Greece in general is a heaven for food lovers and Mykonos is no exception! The island is celebrated for its simple and healthy Mediterranean cuisine made up of fresh legumes, herbs, and olive oil and of course, since on an island, fresh fish. Fresh grilled fish, seasoned with olive oil and lemon, is an island fix! Eating while overlooking the glistening blue sea is the cherry on the top!

19. The Night Scene

When the sun hits the horizon the island turns into a wild and crowded party hub attracting the crowds who seek to spend their night dancing to the tunes of famed DJs. Those looking to relax over a quiet drink or meal won’t be disappointed, as the island overflows with charming restaurants, taverns as well as bars serving anything from traditional Greek cuisine to gourmet dishes.

20. Jaw Dropping Views

No matter where you look, all your eyes see are jaw-dropping views! Traditional Cycladic architecture, blue-domed chapels, soaring windmills and glistening turquoise waters dominate the eyes!

So there you have it-20 reasons why Mykonos is Paradise! Hope you enjoyed the read! Happy Mykonos holidaying everyone!

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